Showreel 2012 soon to come...

Showreel 2010

HDV I 16:9 I 2 min 46 sec

Music: Salme Dahlstrom - Popwreck


Including the following projects:


Shortmovie    I  Such a little thing  I Production Assistance, Cut

Relightning    I  Perfume - Story of a murderer  I  Cast, Direction, Make-Up, Set Design

Car Clips       I  Camera, Cut

Event Clips    I  Camera, Cut

Relightning    I  Sin City  I  Cast, Direction, Make-Up, Set Design

Birthday Clip  I  Direction, Camera, Cut

Showreel 2008 - Enjoy watching my recent work

DVCam SD I 4:3 I 3 min 29 sec

Music:  Hot Chip - Over and over

            M.I.A. - Paper Planes


Including the following projects:
Musical         I  Schools will rock you  I  Idea, Concept, Direction, Cut, VFX

Stage Play    I  Maestro  I  Camera, Cut, Location Scouting


Musical "Schools will rock you" video- and visualproduction

A co-production of HBLW Wels, ORG Vöcklabruck and BORG Grieskirchen performed at the city theatre in Wels/Upper-Austria. By kind permission of

I organised the whole production of the the videoshow and performed it live at the city theatre in Wels.


Stage play "Maestro" videoproduction

Play written by Christoph Klimke and staged by Johann Kresnik at the state theatre in Salzburg. The stage play was premiered on 7th november 2008 at the state theatre in Salzburg.