16. 12. 1986


5020 Salzburg


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Universität Salzburg  I  Magister Kommunikationswissenschaft  I  Audiovision  I  achievement scholarship

Fachhochschule Salzburg  I  Master MultiMediaArt  I  Video/Film  I  passed with merit


Languages              I  German, English, basics of French and Italian

Hardware               I  Mac/PC, DVCAM & HDV Sony camcorders, Canon 5/7 D Mark II, Wendt audio mixers, Tascam

Software                I  Final Cut, Avid, Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Pro Tools, Logic, Samplitude, Office


REFERENCES (Selection)

2011                  I  Jedermann TV  I  cut

2010                  I  Frank Jacob Multimedia Specialist  I  live cinema & visuals assistance

2010                  I  APA Salzburg  I  filming interviews and events

2010                  I  ORF Salzburg  I  test driver film-reports

2009#                I  RedBull Mediahouse GmbH  I  music compilations

2009                  I  Kundendienst 03 GmbH  I  interviews

2009                  I  Mediaplant KG Salzburg & Doc.Art OG  I  image & promotional films

2008                  I  State theatre Salzburg  I  filmproduction stageplay Maestro

2008                  I  Musical Schools Will Rock You  I  visual production & live performance

2008                  I  ORF Salzburg  I  EM fanbox video production

2008#                I  filming concerts & events  I  e.t. films

2007f                 I  UniHelp.cc  I  journalistic films

2007f                 I  Festwochen Gmunden  I  event management, film & photography

2007                  I  Salzburger Nachrichten  I  journalistic films

2007#                I  University Salzburg  I  audiovision tutor & scientific assistance



Direction                              I  Andreas Herzog, Eva Spalmbalg-Berend, Uwe Berend

Story Development            I  Sven-Oliver Müller, Ines Häufler, Erik Winker, Till Fuhrmeister

Camera & Light                   I  Tom Fährmann, Stefan Karle (ARRI Alexa), Filip Malinowski (RED One), Hannes Klein

Cut & Sound Editing           I  Andreas Herzog, Timothy McLeish, Thomas Schitter, Dietmar Baku, Iwan Pasuchin,

TV Journalism                      I  Hans Kutil, Alois Pluschkowitz

TV Presentation                   I  Regina Schwarzer-Prasser, Arno Fischbacher

Film Theory                          I  Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink, Alois Pluschkowitz, Robert Buchschwenter



2011      I  DVD Production for stageplay Fräulein Julie  I  camera, cut, dvd

2011   I  Live Camera and Promo Videos for Innuendo – A Tribute to Queen and Zakrament  I  camera, cut, dvd

2011      I  Shortmovie Matchbox #34  I  camera, cut

2011#    I  Three-Wall-Filminstallation EWIG UND DREI TAGE  I  concept, director, cut

2011      I  Filminstallation Parallelleben for Multimediaproject SPIELART I  concept, director, cut

2010#    I  Viral Spot for SKANBO  I  concept, director

2010      I  Musicvideo for ROOGA  I  concept, director, cut

2010      I   DVD Production Einfach Malen – Watercolour Tutorials I  camera, cut, dvd

2010      I  Photography-Project We are Same  I  concept, photographs

2010      I  Imagefilm for Wiedemann Knopf  I  light, set-assistance

2010      I  Shortmovie Such a little thing  I  production assistance, cut

2010      I  Live Camera for Grasgrün & Blassblau, a multimedia show  I  camera

2010      I  Art movie for the multimedia concert of Raiffeisen Salzburg  I  camera

2009     I  Relightning scenes of The Perfume and Sin City  I  cast, director, set design

2009     I  Videoperformance for Pure One at Rockhouse Salzburg  I  concept, director, camera, light, cut

2008     I  Videoperformance for the musical Schools will rock you  I  concept, director, camera, light, cut

2008     I  Filmproduction for the stageplay Maestro  I  director, camera, light, colour grading, cut

2007     I  Imagefilm for Schindel und Holz socioeconomical enterprise  I  concept, camera

2007-2009     I  PlugIn UniMagazin TV contributions  I  idea, camera, light, cut, sound, grading, graphic design



2010       I  May I have your Attention please? The Possibilities of Mise-en-Scène to Attract Attention

2009       I  Cult Analysis of the Crime Series Columbo 

2008       I  E-learning Theories 

2007       I  Interpersonal Communication: Conversation and Conflict  

2007       I  The Fascination of Action Films on Young People 

2006       I  Women’s Role in the 50’s:  Filmanalysis of Mona Lisa’s Smile